Germany March 28th. 2020

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The last time I crossed the border was two weeks ago.
My fear of a closed border came not through.
Restrictions where in set in place though.

I decided to fish the river as the last day of fair weather was upon.
A week of sunny clear skies would come to an end.
Instead colder weather with the mention of frost and snow would roll in.
The first mark yielded some bites but no solid hookups.
I hoped to encounter a brown trout but could not find any.

I did spot dace in the surface further upstream though.
The dace at times would pick up items from the surface.
I switched to a dry fly and got a few takes which I missed.
The strong wind caused waves upon the normal calm stream.
The dace where staying deep due to the wind.

I fished several of my hot spots but all where pretty void of fish.
A tree lined bank was the last hope to catch any fish.
The roots of the trees usually held some fish.
Fishing a nymph close to those roots yielded a nice dace.

I fished inside the village and wondered about many people around.
Too many people gathering and too close to each other.
I gave me an uncanny feeling so I moved to a quieter place.
A spot in the deserted forest seemed safer to fish.
Weeks of rain had displaced a lot of sand in the stream.
I saw the bottom well, I could spot no fish though.

I checked out the time for sunset and made my way back home.
In the morning I had biked 30 km due SW against a steady E head wind.
At the end of the day the wind had switch to NNW which so a head wind on the return trip.
I was cold despite having extra layers of clothing due to the wind chill.
I arrived home and was pretty beaten.
Good to be outside again in these strange times.


















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When I saw that first deer I thought WTH is a kangaroo doing in Germany.

Must be an optical illusion. 

Nice shots, thanks for posting. 

I am missing your after fishing pub shots however. 

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European Hare (Lepus europaeus), big suckers and yes they do resemble kangaroos :-)

This is the time you see a lot of them in the fields as it is mating season and they loose 

their wariness.


The pub is closed on order of the state, might be forever as this pandemic drags on.

Non essential services have been shut down all together.

No more than 3 persons allowed together with a distance of 1.5m between each other.

Supermarkets are still open be it under restrictions and with extra safety measures.
Public transport is running on minimal schedules only for essential travel.

No air traffic, international train connection has ceased, border still open to Germany.
Border to Belgium closed except for essential workers and medical personnel.

Tourism has practically ceased with hotels, campsites etc. closed.


At my company anyone working at the office has been ordered to work from home with
only people in our workshop present to finish off the pilot plants we build.
I must say my employer did a top notch job in providing safety measures and trying
to keep the place running as smooth as possible during these difficult times.
The workshop in Ontario of our Canadian counterparts has been closed on order of the
mayor of Burlington, office staff working from home.


Difficult to say where this is going to end.
The virus is highly contagious and the hospitals are stretched to the limit with new
patients coming in. It literally spreads like wildfire.

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Had a trip planned and paid for to Germany, Austria, and Hungary at the end of May, it’s not looking good at this time. And just read an article that implied China has grossly under reported its deaths from this, even the residents of Wuhan are questioning what the govt is doing. Supposedly, the crematoriums are working full time, and families are getting 3000 yuan in compensation if they just keep quiet. Very unsettling. I’m retired, so can self isolate, but my 2 boys are self employed and only get paid when they work, and my daughter is a social worker deemed “essential”. I worry more for them than for me. 

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I think in any country without free press you will not hear the real figures. When all this mess is over it is time to take stock and think about how dependant we have become on goods from certain countries. 

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