The new Saltiga looks !@#$ing SWEET

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I recently sold one of my Expedition 5500s, and put the money to a 2020 8000H. It came yesterday, I am very impressed, the reel just feels solid (like the old Zs). The 2015 Saltigas while I know are proven just always felt delicate, at least for someone who is used to fishing surf reels like ZB, VS, and torques. The one piece body just feels clean and solid, the aluminum rotor adds to that as well vs the Zaion stuff (was never a fan and even stripped screws in the material before). I also like the solid spool, it kind of looks like it’ll add some protection from splash. The handle football is what I don’t like, it’s not as ugly in person but it’s just too big imo should’ve been a round knob on all models, I’m also not a fan of the gold. The nicest thing imo is there isn’t really many places for sand/salt to build up as long as that rear bumper holds up. Previous Saltigas besides the Z series were also notorious for the paint chipping away with just a few outings (happened to me twice)...supposedly Daiwa addressed this BUT only time will tell there. If it wasn’t for magseal being so temperamental to our sandy wash you could definitely fish this thing from the beach (this will be a boat reel for me but I will also be trying it from the surf eventually). Again this is just me playing with it in my hands and obviously not a review or anything hands on yet just my first impressions, as I’m not one to be impressed easily especially for what these things cost. 

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