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Mono choices? Trilene

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I used to use 20lb big game to chunk. I haven't chunked seriously for 2 years, now days freshwater I just use fluoro and surf braid

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11 hours ago, Heavy Hooksetter said:

sucks they don't have it anymore but,there is another brand I love too.

check out sea striker premium clear,,stuff is soft and silky and casts very smooth.

do a search.


Nice. I've seen it online, but never considered buying it, since I already had great mono. I'll check it out later tonight.:th:

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This a Loaded question of and for Opinions. First, the market is loaded with Fishing Line Brands. There is not one all for all. Conditions dictate the best one, the price for many 2nd.  The Packaging to get your attention. The so-called pros endorsement fo many makes up their minds.  As I said CONDITIONS have the most deciding factor. Casting Spooling Stretch Abrasion Memory. On and On. I wish I had all the money I spent on fishing lines of all Brands a type.  My first line was Linen that my grandfather and father used at that point of time Mono was just starting to come on the market By Dupont. As the Spinning reel from Ocean City appeared.  My question would be what fishing line commercial  Hype Flashy Box Pro determines which one you buy. Price is not a determining factor someone has to pay for all the BS Hype. My advice talk to your local shop in your area if you trust him.  For the type of fishing, you plan to do. Asking for what is the best line is like asking what is the best ROD REEL LURE. BEER Good Luck 

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