Can a broken reel foot be repaired

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Have a couple of different reels that have broken feet to attach to a rod. A replacement side plate with an intact foot is not available anymore.   My thought was to cut off the foot from a scraped mitchell head and weld it in place of the orvis foot.   One welder told me it is "pot metal" and probably couldn't be welded. I don't think that JB Weld would work.  Has anyone had any luck with this type of repair??    Thanks


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On 3/21/2020 at 9:45 PM, Highlander1 said:

Tape it or clamp it to the rod, otherwise replace the reel frame. It cannot be welded or glued.


21 hours ago, RyanPost said:

I don't think you could weld that to be honest. At least it isn't an expensive reel.

There is a product called Qbond from South Africa. Its a two part epoxy that is good for metal. Ive used this product on steel parts that were non structural or mechanical, and ornamental in nature only.  For how long, and at what pounds it would fail, or if it would even bond the type of the metal your reel is made of, I couldn't tell. you. But, if you really want to give it try, I would say pay the $15 for Qbond and give it try.  Worst thing that could happen is your real seat brakes while fishing or the parts never bond. Take a look at this:


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Posted (edited)

Qbond is clever stuff - the powders are what makes it work, the adhesive is low viscosity cyanoacrolate (crazy/super glue)


I accidenatlly drop tested my Ultegra 14000 about 3 years ago. Drop tested is a euphamism - it flew about 4m across my brick paved patio and landed with a re-assuring clunk.


I used carbon tow, light glass cloth and superglue to repair it. I keep expecting it to fail and it never has...



Reel foot repair 01.jpg

Reel foot repair 02.jpg

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Thanks everyone for all the responses. I did find someone to weld one of the reels as shown in the picture attached.  I also found a Youtube Video on a reel repair with a TIG welder  and Aluminum Rod as seen on.   Very interesting..  I knew it could be done but just have to determine if it is economically feasible to have it done.  Finding a junk reel with a good side panel  would still be the way to go.       If there is anyone on this forum that might want to offer this service I think there might be a demand.     Stay Healthy.          Roger      



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