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I'm sure it is here somewhere but not seeing it on a search.


Does anyone have a DIY mount to put their Go Pro on the bottom that they can share?  I have some ideas but would like to see what has been successful already.


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Me and my son built this while we were down the shore one week many, many moons ago. "The gopro bait sled" was born after we had first attached a gopro to the top of a crab trap to see what was eating our bait while crabbing and pulling up empty traps and totally eaten bait. The problem with the crab trap was the camera was so tight to the bait in the trap that, while we definitely saw tons of fish and crabs, you lost a lot of the peripheral view of what was going on.


So we went to Home Depot and built this contraption out of pvc. It allowed us to put the gopro up higher looking down on the bait from about 18" away, which was plenty for the wide angle.  We just filled the pvc with sand before we glued it all together and put cable zip ties on the corners to tie the line to.  Worked well. Probably could've been improved upon, but for our purposes, it was fine.


Keep in mind, this video was a gopro 1, and in a small brackish lake with tons of sediment that kept getting stirred up, so the quality is lousy. There were better videos that I never edited of posted.


I'll see if I can dig it out and get a picture of the whole contraption at some point. Hasn't been used in probably 6 years. Kids grow up.



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