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OK trying to reduce some inventory. Here is a lot of all SOL builders. Some of these guys are SOL royalty going back to the days of the site's inception. Prices all include shipping I will reduce totals for multiple plugs. Most plugs are unused.


Scott Cordelet Goo Goo Eye clone - $30

Digger rootbeer needle - $40

Striperknight spook - $27

used JigMan jointed - $20 (SOLD)

Bodega Bay (Joe Rivera - RIP) jointed trout - $45 (SOLD)

Eben natural darter - $30 (SOLD)

Choopy Blackfish darter - $30 (SOLD)

Tagger handcarved Big-O -$35 (SOLD)

Throwing Timer Pencil - $35

Guzzby Popper (Small chip) - $20 (SOLD)

Etch-a Sketch perch popper - $30

Etch-a-sketch chicken scratch darter - $30 (SOLD)

Slipknot- Bruce May pikie -$35 (SOLD)

Sparky blue swirl 40 - $30 (SOLD)








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4 hours ago, Thumb-Burner said:

actually, i dont care what size they are.  ill take jigman jointed and guzzby popper if you'll do 35 shipped

I'll do 35 PM coming

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