putting a bilge in a skiff

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Have a j-16, base boat, want to put a bilge in the back port corner.  Anyone done it?  Was going to router out a 10" circle and clean out the hull then glass it all in and set a bilge pump there.  Any thoughts or feelings or is this ridiculous?  She will be in the water for a few days at a time and can set one just in the boat but would really like something more permanent.  PIA to add and remove the pump set up.  Already have power in the boat.  This is used in the everglades during the summer and when it rains it frikken rains!!!  Daily.  Scott

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Put a small lip ahead of the pump area.  When your underway, that last bit of water will get trapped on the lip.   Also, put a flaot switch manual bypass to get every last bit of it out.   This is what I do with a 16ft deep V aluminum boat.

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