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Etex sealing and finish weight

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4 hours ago, Ed White said:

Always good to see someone grab the ball and run with it. We all benefit.

Your results using the scientific method kind of match up with what I thought was the case, that the thin layer of epoxy used to seal is not a big weight penalty.

I'm looking forward to see what the topcoat results look like. On a pencil shape, any weight gain might have limited effect on action, swimmers may be different, but it's all good.


That's a nicely finished plug blank you got there, no tear out, no sanding marks, nice radius on the sharp corners, and no splintering on the belly hole. Good test piece.

Thanks appreciate your kind words .. I just a hack still figuring things out,. 

and agree things like pencils , the extra weight is not a huge deal on messing with action ... I’ve weighted some very heavy for big wind and big surf and have excellent results .. 

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Paint as you would expect is minor . I don’t prime , I feel the paint stick very well to scuffed epoxy sealed wood and kinda dig alil of the wood grain showing through  .. but went for a paint job that’s kinda paint heavy ..  got us a ball bait over an ounce 


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1 hour ago, Livefreeordie said:

so, paint was .011 0z?. Was it airbrushed latex?

Createx . But the swirl paint technique takes a lot of paint , prob the most ya will likely spray on a plug ever , id bet if ya priming , it’s quiet a bit more then that though .. 



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Alright so first , sorry it took so long , been busy like crazy ..  second , I had major fish eyeing on my first coat so to salvage I had to 2nd coat while still tacky so didn’t get a weight between coats ..  


so two thin coats of etex  was way less then i expected .. call it 1/10th of an ounce .. ..  I will slap all the pics up here in a row to make it easier 





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