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The Chesapeake bay oysters have been in bad shape as long as I can remember.  Disease and predation by an over-abundance of cow nose rays have devastated the population to less than 5% of historical numbers. Oysters are one of the natural filters for the ecological health of the bay. They clean the water via filter action and help combat the dead zones and low oxygen areas the young stripers  need for their very lives. 

So the Hogan administration who bends over backwards for the waterman, overriding the legislature’s thinks they should be harvesting these oysters instead of leaving them in the water to reproduce and filter the water and bring the population back to historic levels. 

Another case of Maryland screwing the bay/bass/oysters so the waterman can further decimate the public resource and  make some money...


the article is on delmarva now. I would post a link but no links allowed 


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the oyster situation is a complete joke.  How anyone thinks there should still be a commercial harvest is amazing to me. Another huge factor that is hurting them, by the way, is the lack of eelgrass allows the bottom to get turned up.  That in combination with all the silt from farms covers the oyster spat and kills them.  I'll never quite get why anyone would want to harvest wild bay oysters when they can farm them.  It's easier and they can charge a lot more.

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