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56 mins ago, mml4 said:

I have been self servicing VS for a long time and am continually surprised at what folks consider a "fair" price. There is a bearing in that photo as well as a main seal and main seal carrier O Ring plus the other seals. What you can't see is the possible disassembly of the spool and drag.


Can you do it yourself-Absolutely!! But you aren't going to do it without investment in the proper tools and I am not speaking of just the plastic wrench. I don't want to get into a "pissing  contest " with my friend Issac but $100 is more than fair for a PROPER service of a VS which includes a complete disassembly and inspection. It is probably 1.5 hours work and the shop has to guarantee it as well. 

"Ya Wanna Dance Ya Gotta Pay The Band!",


Van Staal Service web page:


“For $49.95, plus the cost of parts and return shipping, Van Staal factory-trained technicians and engineers are prepared to inspect and service your reel. This service includes opening the sealed body; cleaning, inspecting, lubricating and re-sealing the reel water-tight so it is ready to face the elements without limitations”.


That’s what I paid for years when I sent my US made VS200 to VS factory. However each year they charged me $50 extra for the line roller.

ps. Zeebaas charges $50 for their annual service and that includes all seals with no exceptions.



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I started to the service on my own after I had a bad experience from a well known authorized service center tackle shop on Long Island. Basically, on the invoice they charged me twice for the line roller bearings that they never replaced. When I got it back from the shop I could hear and feel the grind on the roller bearing. I decided to open the line roller myself to see what the problem was and it was it was dirty oil and gunk in there. I called them up to tell them that they never replaced the parts and charged me twice for it. The guy on the phone didn't believe me because of his ego I think his name was 'Burt' and claimed that he's been doing this for years and these things never happened before.. He told me to send it back to check it out on my dime another $28 bucks insured. At that point I told him to eff himself. 

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These are valid points that I didn’t think about.  Part of me thinks it would be fun to learn but part of me is worried that I’d mess up an expensive reel.  

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