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On 1/9/2020 at 8:49 PM, chrisbarclay said:

I realize that I'm probably going to have to file down the reel seat to fit the newer rods..... Check the drag washers, grease, etc.

Don't file down the foot. It should fit. Drag washers- look for advice here. GSB 132 1 M is a great rod for montauk, 10' is better for the jetties further west, and the GSB 120 1m was my go to at Montauk for the most part for many years (although usually with a 706 or a VS 200 or 275 as the years went by)....; I don't know about how the 2 piece version is, but others will chime in here. Here's a pic of my best big Luxor / Crack, set up by "The Surfcaster" many years ago when I was fishing Montauk hard.5d504f6f44f90_luxor01.jpg.748568577c621270a8104bd91f222931.jpg.3c2db8056114e2ec62c83e3de38b4da7.jpg.f0623ba3ccd0b0b6bdfde9a511edcace.jpg

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I fished similar Surfcaster modified Luxors & Cracks and there are several modifications necessary for the salt. Hopefully, they are googlable - let us know !!!

I fished mine w/2 J K Fisher rods, a 9' & an 11', both based on Bill Priensbergers' guide & layout recommendations. The 11' was a beast to turn over & was stolen - still have the 9' & thinking about re-doing guides.

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As far as the reel seat goes.... I have tried it on a St Croix surf rod and it would not fit without application of a file. I have also noticed some others for sale on Ebay that had the same treatment. I will not select a rod based on it's reel seat. I am considering getting an old fiberglass Fenwick. No problem with that reel seat. The big brown one's that had that full flex action. If I wanted to toss with braid I guess I would have to get rid of those nice silver guides. Yes I probably would lose a few yards but most of the fish I've ever caught were not that far off.... Maybe I'd stick with mono.

Hey, ...I just wonder if those fish appreciate all that we do for them?  I've never gotten a thank you.....!!!

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Good luck with your Luxor 300, they are easy to work if you can turn a screwdriver you can service your reel, the one part that is hard to change is the one and only bearing in the reel and that is the pinion bearing, the pinion is pressed on after the bearing is installed. 

lf you can take the reel to a tackle shop and try mounting the reel on a rod you might like. 

Without breaking the bank look at tsunami airwave elite # TSAWSS-1062 (10'6") 1-3oz 2pc 70/30 split long section 7ft should fit in the elevator you can find them at about $175.00.

As far as line goes l wouldn't go under 40lb for braid my choice Power Pro but that's me pick what you like, for mono 15lb Berkeley big game would work just fine.

Keep the line roller free-spinning and well lube they will work fine with braid they are hard chrome plated.

Don't be afraid to file the reel foot these reels were designed for the larger metal reel seat hoods of yesterday or they were taped to the rod.

l have one crack 300 and one Lexor 300 both with filed down feet to fit the newer graphite real seat.

Reel inners easy to clean 3rd pic mounted in tsunami reel seat 4th mounted on 10'6" rod.

The reel l use most of the time on that rod VR175.reel apart0224171444a.jpg.d8237191aeb0e2d928199451f0accb28.jpg20200201_150654.jpg.99ef254016f90cb683cf74a16352fdfc.jpg20200201_135419.jpg.396446c678499193ebcb70f7a7d875bb.jpg

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22 mins ago, chrisbarclay said:

I think that you are the only one I've seen who kept the bail......I guess it works for you.

l swing back and forth l have a spare rotor with just the manual pickup. almost all my reels are manual pick up.

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