Worst fish species you've eaten.

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2 mins ago, Birdsnester said:

Sea Urchin is the most disgusting thing ever.  Raw in a Sushi joint, awful!!!

I had one right out of the shell once, almost puked.

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Worst ever?

Largemouth bass.


Surprisingly palatable?

Sea Robin, skate and grilled mackerel.


Over rated?

Striped bass.


Over hated?


Whole Bluefish on the grill are great. But only when they are properly taken care of when caught.

Fillets broiled in butter with garlic and bread crumbs are awesome.

Kill them quickly and get them on ice. Preferably on the ice not swimming in lots of water with a little ice in it.

A bucket of warm water or in a head boat gunnysack.... might as well release them to fight another day. That's where they get their bad rep.

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1 hour ago, ridenfish said:

Largemouth Bass, I took one home when I was a kid and 30 years later I still can't get the awful taste out of my mouth. And I think Stripers are good eating along with small Blues. 

I had Albie once that was bled, iced quick and trimmed out and I thought it was pretty good.

Tilapia is awful too, but most likely it's because it's farm raised in China and they basically swim in sewage.

Yeah, Tilapia sucks. Poor fish are among the most polluted and crappy fish in the world strictly because of the aquaculture methods used. Might as well eat a fish from Chernobyl. 

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4 hours ago, fishhappy said:

I would rate bluefish as "not that bad," but nothing better. If they are fresh, they are ok. 


4 hours ago, Bdemiri23 said:


Going to get a lot of push back on this one but it’s gotta be big bluefish.


Cut out all that dark meat ,smoke or cook Italian style onions, garlic,tomatos etc.Damn good.......and only keep what you can eat fresh, they don't freeze well.

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