Challenging the 2A sanctuary movement - Libs, be careful what you wish for.

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I have been following the developments in Virginia with interest. The concept of 2A sanctuaries would never have worked in Connecticut after Sandy Hook but it could have been an option. Wish I would have thought about it. 


Back to VA - Seriously, do gun taking liberals actually want to push the Overton Window enough to get such claims to the SCOTUS? 


The sanctuary counties are eventually going to be taken to court to by the state-level gun-takers. Do they really want to expose their state gun restrictions open to interpretation by the US court system? Do they not understand that an adverse ruling on 2A constitutionality is a national risk to their view" 


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This is a great example of democrats doing something stupifyingly unAmerican and unwittingly setting precedent for R's t0 follow.


I would never have conceptualized a 'sanctuary city' for illegals.  Seems counter-intuitive. But they did it, the media applauded it and it became a 'thing'.


Then just like Reid and the filibuster rule, their shortsighted zeal opened the door to much pain for the Ds.  


This Sanctuary BS has now been normalized.  I hear there are several NJ towns drafting 2a sanctuary rules.  And if there is a state that does not want its firearm law's exposed to a federal court, its NJ.


What a bunch of rubes.  No wonder why they have all but fled from this forum.

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