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American Taxpayers Continue Funding Border Walls — in the Middle East

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Walls only work around Obama's DC crib and the ME.


John Binder17 Dec 2019
American taxpayers are once again being forced to subsidize border security measures in the Middle East as part of the latest government spending bill.
While construction for barriers at the United States-Mexico border receives explicitly less than $1.4 billion in federal funds for Fiscal Year 2020, foreign countries are again sweeping up billions more in U.S. taxpayer money to strengthen their borders.
The spending bill, which is set to pass the Senate, provides Jordan with more than $7.3 billion to be used to help the country “enhance the ability of the armed forces … to increase or sustain security along its borders.” An additional $500 million is allocated to help “security along [Jordan’s] borders.”
Another nearly $1.2 billion is available until September 2021 to “enhance the border security of nations” such as Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia.
This is at least the third conservative year that American taxpayers have been forced to pay for border security enhancement in foreign countries in the Middle East, as Breitbart News has chronicled.
Meanwhile, U.S. Border Patrol caught more than 851,500 border crossers crossing illegally into the nation in Fiscal Year 2019 — a 115 percent increase in illegal immigration compared to the year before. Federal immigration officials estimate that only about half of all border crossers are caught, indicating that potentially an additional 851,500 illegal aliens successfully entered the U.S. this past year, undetected by Border Patrol.



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