(2) Sets of Rock Hoppers - Korkers and LLBean Boots

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The Korkers are size 13 which, if it helps, I'm normally a size 10 boot so these allowed me to wear the boots over my waders with neoprene boot style.  They're in excellent condition (minus the dirt) and come with both the short shank spikes and the long shank inserts.  Really a great design but I've got one to many pairs.  I'm asking $75 shipped to your door lower 48.




Korkers II.jpg

Korkers III.jpg



The 2nd pair are LL Bean wading boots in size 9 Medium.  Again, I wear a size 10 (or 9-1/2 Wide) in boots and these are perfect.  I'd use them with Skinz waterproof socks and they were great for the regular moss covered boulders around here.  I wouldn't think the short(ish) spikes would be as effective as they are but they actually performed very well...if I can avoid those long spikes whenever possible I do.  Offered at $75 for the pair shipped.  These are no longer made but LL Bean would replace with their current model due to the lifetime warranty.  I confirmed this several years ago when I called about something unrelated.  GREAT pair of wading boots.



LL Bean.jpg

LL Bean I.jpg

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1 hour ago, mako20ft said:

I'd go $70 but that's rock bottom.  Shipping is around $15 and then the Vamps at Paypal get their cut...

That's cool, I'll do 70. Pm coming

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