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How did all of you Chesapeake based fisherman do this year? I myself had a solid year with stripers up to about 15lbs. Never anything bigger.

Blues never really showed up.


More croaker, spot and “junk fish” than I had ever seen.


Can’t wait for the spring!

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I also target schoolies, mostly because I haven't gotten into any bigger fish.  I stick to ultralight gear, usually 5 lb test but bump it up to 8 lb during Rocktober.  It's about 45 minutes to the western shore of the middle bay, so I make it out about once a week.


I discovered a couple new spots, one of which consistently produced through the summer if the tide was right.  Didn't find blitzing fish at any of my spots, but did stumble onto a decent topwater bite one morning which produced 5 or 6 fish, only one keeper.


My goals for this year were to get a striper on the beach, a keeper fluke, wild browns, a tiger musky, spanish, and a keeper speck.  Got the first three of six so I'm calling it an average year.  And by that I mean good.  I had fun, learned a few things, got on some decent bites.  Good times. 


Merry solstice, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and happy new year!

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New googan here. I just started fishing this year after not having done so since I was a child.  I caught the bug after a visit to Brazil in Jan '19 where I got a chance to fish the Amazon (with no luck, due to it being the rainy season...river swells and fish spread out) and a few rivers about 100 miles inland from Natal where I hooked and cooked a few tucunare and tambaqui.  Short aside - I've tried just about every fish in the sea, and nothing compares to tambaqui.  Don't get me wrong, I would never pass up seared ahi, but this overground piranha-oid eats mainly fruit and nuts and get even fattier than salmon.  They are best roast which deep fries them in their own blubber.  Its the only fish I've ever gotten a horripilation from while eating.   


Anyways, within two months of being back in the US I spent like $1k on gear, like a fool, for fisheries that didn't exist within 100 miles of Baltimore.  So thought I might try freshwater fishing, spent $500 on bass gear, only to find out bass fishing is boring as ****... In August I finally tried targeting stripers after lucking into some on the bay side of Assateague in July while looking for a puppy drum bite.  First I went to Conowingo, caught a few there, but concluded that casting to the exact same spot after waiting three minutes for your turn in the rotation while fending of spot jockies was not my idea of a fun time.  But if you got the right moves and the right gear, its nearly a guarantee you'll land your two keepers within an hour.  The guys there pull 20-30 inchers from that hole for the entire season with literal daily consistency.  I found my own spots south of Balt to target schoolies, after following up on a tip from a classmate.  Then, beginning of October; just when I was starting to build some confidence, I high-sided resulting in me needing a surgical set on my right clavicle and sat out the rest of the fall season.  


So long story short; I over-packed, came late, and left early.  I kept one fish out of about 10 keepers I landed from same number of trips, just to see what all the fuss was about.  I was underwhelmed, but I may be spoiled.  From where I sit, fried bay cats are better eating.  But before I start stocking my fridge wholesale, I'm waiting to get some analysis done on a blue cat I pulled from back river.  If they check out, I'll likely spend a lot more of the iffy days chunking for them instead of chasing a spotty striper bite.  

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