Certate hd 3500 sh

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Certate used for a little under one year on and off. Unfortunately it has something up with the gears. Although it is fully functional you can feel gears when you reel it in. It also has a noise coming from it when you reel. Again fully functional but it should be cracked open. My girlfriend used it for tog a few weeks ago and the drag is great. I want to see this go to somebody who is technical and can check out what’s going on. 


I just bought a new yak so any money helps. Looking to get  200 bucks- that’s 100-200 under most other dealers, again you have the gears to check out. 


 I fish mostly Stella’s and saltigas and i love smoothness, the gear feeling is different then smoothness. I still use this reel and don’t mind it. 

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