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That Cohen woman Hunter Biden married like a week after he met her?  Shes knocked up too




Is there a klan in the Dem primary field that is grosser than the Biden cabal?  In your opinion.


K Harris is gone, but she was the grossest of all. 


Buttegig?  I mean at least Hunter Biden, even in a crack induced fog, know where his pecker actually goes.  Hmmm, not like he is going to leave behind a trail of bastards.  Ill give that a toss up.


Bernie?  Just a lazy ass leech? Pretty gross.*  At least Hunter Biden is "gettin it done".


Help me out.  Im torn.  Quien es mas el disgusto?





*Did any of you guys ever see the short lived run Bernie's son Levi made for congress?  It was like a G D Monty Python skit.

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29 mins ago, ken r said:

Would the Bidens fit the description of grifters precisely? I think so.

Like a band of frickin gypsies.

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According to the polls, Biden is still on top. RealClear shows his name almost exclusively as the leader in the polls they have listed.


Make no mistake the Democrats are suffering. They see a blithering senile old idiot and yet they want him. 

I remember back during the Summer, ABC did a piece on Hunter Biden and his job with Burisma. At that time I wondered if it was a shot at taking out his father, or was it a way of softening any claims of his corruption. Now I am beginning to think it was a stool softener of sorts. Something designed in such a way as to provide him with an excuse similar to the ones Hillary would issue. “Look, I have already addressed that issue. Let’s move on.”


It is possible that the large corporate media news executives have already chosen Biden, and so therefore he will be the nominee. Impeaching the president for the same crimes Biden committed would go some way towards explaining what we are seeing today. The old Democrat trick- “Yeah well your guy did it, too.”


For me Biden is the grossest. I watched the video of him feeling up little girls, and just can’t get past that. Warren is just another fake politician lying through her teeth to get something. Bernie wants a pay out. Butgag is pretty gross when he kisses his whatever. All are white, and we should take notice of that simple fact.

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Hunter is being sued by another baby mommy, isn't he?  I guess he only rides bareback and not to derail, is part of the point I was trying to make on one of the abortion threads.  The fact that he is knocking up his partners tells me a lot about him.  Dad must be so proud because Old Joe is a good Catholic, you know?  He is every fourth year.:laugh::laugh:

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