Installing smart switch in 4 way circuit

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So I am looking to make the 4 way circuit that controls the lights in my mothers hall stairway a "smart " circuit that I can control with the Alexa system I got her-  which BTW gives my senior citizen Mom some "company"-  she lives by herself.  In any case, want to install a smart switch so she wont' trip as she turns on the lights with full hands as she goes up the stairs- those with aging parents will understand.   It's not clear from the brief bit of searching I have done if I can just swap out one of the 3 way switches with a 3 way smart switch. I want to use TP link/Kasa or something similar that will work without a separate hub.  Anyone done this?

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Rath, if you take the 4 way completely out of the switch equation would that work for your set up. By taking it out, if you take the switch and remove the wires on the 4 way. Connect the wires back up with wirenuts, color to color. B to b, w to w and r to r. This gives you a working 3 way system and still for future a 4 way location that just needs the switch reinstalled. Install blank finish cover. 


To get any deeper than that to make all 3 locations useable for smart switches you’d have to get someone in familiar with spicing it so you’d have the feed and switch leg at each of the 3 locations. This would be doable but with experience. You’d be in effect making all 3 locations single poles, where commands to either location turns on or off that light. 


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