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12 hours ago, Fishing-Addict said:

The stripers are still here but there real small around a foot or so in length. They are also very lethargic and sluggish and for the past couple of days have been unwilling to strike at a lure or pick up a bunker long enough for me to set the hook. I have been catching small tomcod to keep me busy but it is not worth driving to NY for. Prep for the spring season.

When will the Spring run start?

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On 12/2/2019 at 6:15 PM, laxcoach1 said:

Had fish Sat the 30th at a south shore sandy beach. Most in the 22-24 range, some nice and fat. slow bounce with A-27 and a bucktail with white twister caught them. Slower the better.

BINGO...  Have to to agree here,  still having good success with diamond jig and teaser... with the key being, cast...3 count...3 cranks and stop...3 count... 3 cranks...pause.. rinse and repeat etc.


Getting most fish on teaser with that technique.


IMO ... the fish are getting smaller... called it quits when I reeled in double header of micro bass.


No desire to stress out those little guys or risk a gut hook or lip rip.


I'll probably switch over to Herring and then call it quits for 2019


Stay warm fellas

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1 hour ago, C.Robin said:

Saw zero life today during the incoming on the western SS, first time getting skunked in awhile.

Welcome to my world.

:howdy:  :howdy:  :howdy:

But, then, again

Being by water and walking beach are primaries for me,

Catching fish (if any) comes as a bonus.



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