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.....that don't return their shopping carts to either the store or a carriage corral are possibly the biggest scum on Earth. Particularly the jerks that park at the far end of the lot to avoid getting their car dinged up all the while leaving their carts out there.

Just a Holiday shopping observation....

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Even worse are the ones that push their shopping carts into the handicap spots or the areas next to the handicap spaces with the hash marks. It doesn't occur to them that many HP parkers need that space to get in and out of their vehicles?

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Oh come on...lighten up!

Some stores have forgone the cart-corral because they wanted more parking spots, so unless you want to push the cart all the way back to the store and then walk back to your car, fine.

The Shaw's that I go to has 4 cart-corrals that are close to the middle 2 lanes of parking spots.

If you park on the outside spots you have to walk halfway across the lot.

Not everyone is "mobile" enough to run laps around the lot while pushing a cart.

(Maybe if you print out flyers and hand them out at the door, or put them on windshields to alert the public to this problem?)

Just make sure to do it early in the morning when all the grannies are out and about....


Oh well, at least I've remembered to bring my own bags, save/recycled from prior shopping trips.....


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I was in a Target store last winter and the wind was really blowing....


This single parent type with eight kids in tow left her two carts in the adjacent empty parking spot and the wind took them and blew them both into my tailgate leaving three distinct dings in an otherwise flawless vehicle. 


You would think that that she could have had one of her tribe put the damn things away..... but noooooo....

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