Hopefully not the Swan song for Harkers Season

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Pretty day on the 30th--well light winds which have been rare this season.  I hopped a buddies Jones Brothers and we had the intention of looking for the old drum.  Crossing the shoals was a little sporty.  Big swell on the east side.  There boats looked for several ours--we found the bait but no love.  Crossed back over and noticed aa fair number of Gannets diving in the white water right at the cape.  We poked around and found no drum.  Headed back we noticed birds acting like they were over albies.  They were over albies eating spearing.  Not very fly friendly but we hooked several on spinners.  The rain stated so we headed end and found pelicans sitting in tight balls.  When they do this they are usually sitting on a bait ball.  While were motored over to the birds we noticed an albie trying to eat a 10" shad (menhaden). The bait turned out to be 3 to 5 inch shad (menhaden) My partner threw a fly and caught a nice 16 pound albie.  We made it over to the birds and they flew and we found a bait ball--I called it butterfish and saw one albie blast threw.  I hooked up with light tippet and my 8 wt Payload and the end of 150 yard run the freaking fly pulled.  We moved back to the bait ball and waited until we saw albies.  We plucked a few off and broke a few off.  I figured 10 was a touch light for these fish.


The west side of the shoals is set for old drum and bluefins--plenty of bait.  Hopefully this 4 day blow will not scrabble it.   Water temps were in the upper 50s 






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I am going to say a little cool.  Saw a old post on FB from 12/1/15 and water temps were 60. 
On the east side of cape lookout water temps swing wildly.   I have seen 70 degree water  a mile off the beach in February. 

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