Any flies with a spook action?

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I've tried some of the walking patterns described in this thread and was not impressed with them relative to the behavior of a Spook. I've tried many of my own designs as well. The ones I came up with work really well in a bath tub test. But at the end of a long cast they don't, or at least not on on the same par as a Spook. As they are retrieved in close, then they finally start walking consistently. But why not the whole retrieve?


 I came to the conclusion the fly line is the big inhibitor. It's heavy and has a lot of momentum between strips. During pauses in the retrieve that momentum keeps the line moving forward which in turn keeps the fly moving forward and doesn't allow it to swing out as well.  I've thought about adding a disc around the butt end of the leader to help put the brakes on the fly line. But haven't tried that yet.  Edit... After I wrote this I thought of another thing to try. And that is to keep the rod tip in the water during the retrieve. That will prevent the sag in the line from settling down and pulling on itself if that makes any sense. 


But whether any of those ideas will work, long solid floating shapes can still do very well on Striped Bass regardless of side-to-side waggle. For some reason those type of patterns draw strikes from bigger fish immediately after landing on the water more than any other fly/pattern I've used. And I've seen them be more effective than a popper just as an erratic jerk bait.



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As for side to side action, Bob Popovics’ Pop Lip is probably impossible to beat. With a two handed, continuous strip and tied on a hook heavy enough to keep, this fly has zero probably tracking and wiggling perfectly. I won’t post a link, but his Instagram has a ton of evidence on this. 


It takes practice to get the lip just how you want the fly to swim and a non slip mono knot makes a big difference in how much movement occurs, but I’ve had success with this fly and really nothing looks as good as it does. I incorporate the lip into other flies without a sheep fleece body and have done skinny sand eel surf candy looking flies with a lip that can’t be beat when you need to match those thin wiggly sand eels. It’s a crazy fly and definitely worth learning to tie over the winter. 

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I have two that are pretty close.  Not really ready to post them yet. Need fine tuning.  Traditional fly materials have a lot of drag which make walking tough to recreate.  EZ body tubing can off set this problem, but other factor is stripping fly line cannot on its own generate the action you get animating a spook or pencil popper with the your spinning rod.  You basically need a lip and to balance fly like a lure which is really hard.  Out of 10 prototypes only two swim correctly.


The deer hair ones you can buy work because they are small and they dont walk that far side to side like a Doc does.

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