WTS - Light colored Super Strike Needlefish

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$100 for the lot shipped. I think this is a great deal considering all the work in properly weighting these.

Here are my light colored super strike needlefish, some have been restored and put back into service.

Most have been weighted with lead shot (disregard the yellow/red eyes SS designation). I will give weights as I have kept them organized (you should re-weigh them to verify when you get them). I used a purple nose means its been weighted (which is much easier to see at night).

From the top: first picture 3 1/2 oz. Second picture all three 2 3/8 oz. Third and fourth pic 2 1/2 oz (believe these are stock weight), fourth pic 2 7/8 oz. again make sure you weigh these to verify prior to use. Fishing deep structure in Newport I found these to be my number one lure for casting distance and depth.






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correct 11 needlefish. sending you my paypal info. just curious as i have a lot to post. how do i remove a thread so that i don't exceed the four thread max. I misread the rule and thought it was four per category.

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