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This does not look like Dannys original packaging can you take it out of the bag so we can get a better look at the plug?  And you say nothing about condition is the any corrosion on the grommets or swivels? Any signs of use?

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11 mins ago, Roy C said:

never mind not worth it. I guess it had issues 

I saw your original response and was going to let it go, but now you're suggesting that I was trying to sell something inferior and I take offense to that.  Here are pictures of the plug, it's in great shape5ddb1ebce2160_TmvlDDrSFOOlhG6B8Nrg.jpg.63ba6e91d9c9a849032945b43eb03af6.jpgEgRfdkBqSqqHwfDZX3zsuQ.jpg.9918be924c3e2be60c7d6f122502eeb5.jpgZmtIQF41RIGfYpko2pgdEA.jpg.352d5d122227707ce0ab3fada534499e.jpg


I took it down because it's the only Pichney I have and after looking at it again I decided to keep it. 




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