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I never give it much thought, but what type do you like/use? Do they affect the quality of your shot? How often do you replace them. I've been shooting with the same one for a few years, erase the images after each shoot. I didn't know if there were signs when they start to degrade...

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It really depends on the camera body that accepts what type of memory cards, e.g. My Nikon D500 takes one XQD card and one SD card, my Nikon D810 takes one Compac Flash and one SD card. I use various brands of cards, e.g. Lexar, Samsung, SanDisk, but try to stick with these name brands, and have not encountered card malfunction issues. Another thing worth mentioning is to pick those high throughput/speed cards as much as possible, especially in shooting continuous mode and don't want to see the cards to slow down the buffer draining speed.


One important thing to know is try to use the camera's "format" as much as possible when erasing ALL the pictures on the memory cards, individually deleting picture files on the cards is not a good way to free up space or empty the cards. This is very much like computer's hard disk that you don't want to see the data fragmentation on the disk.

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