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Scoob's 2019 Spheros SW Inshore review

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20 hours ago, scoobydoo said:

Pass......Way overpriced for what it is.   Hex handle, no seals, all plastic....crappy handle knob.  Go spheros.

It was in this video...and I gave it a golden turd award.

I have no doubts it's a strong reel that can catch fish.   But Didn't think it was worth it for its 130$ price....I remember the day after I put out this video.  Shimano dropped the price to around 100 or something like that....it's come back up a bit since.



what is the perfect lay braid line on reel?

you do not have to shim spool,it depend on size of reel.you take the spool of reel and manualy put 25 ,50, or 75 yards creating botom spool full and top has around 1/4" less,this way when you cast the line will not bite to top lay..

every reel shoud have the top knob below top spool,this way it will not catch the line..

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1 hour ago, hobobob said:

The spheros / saragosa sw is as close as it gets.  Still using the same one since your first review it. All original parts minus the knob. More reliable than my vsx.  I could have save thousands without buying another reel, I mean reelssss.

On forums anymore I try to type as little as possible.  Because the more I type the more people seem to take what I write out of context or completely miss the point I make so I try to K.I.S.S.

Hell Olvart in his post before making this thread did exactly that.


But yeah....Sphero/Gosa are essentially the starting point of fully sealed reels.  There is the Shield at a hundred bucks.  But let's be honest....it's not a tank...just a good reel for the money...Sphero/Gosa's are Benchmark.

"Panacheless is no way to go through life"


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8 hours ago, olvart said:

“Hell Olvart in his post before making this thread did exactly that.“.            


He’s right,oopsy doodle.

Sometimes my dyslexia flares up:howdy:.

LOL.....Mine does the same thing too.......I just have 100,000 people that call me on it :) 

"Panacheless is no way to go through life"


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2 mins ago, glos said:

I like the bushings, and plastic worm gear.

Shimano doesn't make a spinning reel with a plastic worm gear.  (they do in baitcasters..not all..but a select few)


Nylon/ plastic bushing in support of main gears on spinning reels aren't something I'm a fan of.  Never have never will.

I prefer them (just added a $500 bushing to a tranx 500  ((((yes a bushing / journal bearing that cost $500 ))

On baitcasters and come conventional designs.


On spinners such as shimano and daiwa.....The like new performance just seems to fade quicker...all things being equal.  And there is a difference in feel when out of the box.....I upgraded a bunch of stradics over the years to a bearing in that location......and it's noticeable.  


Now line roller bushings....perfectly fine...though I'm not familiar with this design...I bet they went metal for weight...as not to have to counter balance the rotor due to replacing the bearing cartridge from the stradic to a plastic bushing.

"Panacheless is no way to go through life"


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Scooby, I've seen in your Gosa and Spheros reviews you mention the potential for line slap due to the parallel foot. I'm considering the spheros & gosa 5000 sw, slammer 3 4500 and ssvi 4500 bailess for a Tsunami elite 9'6, 3/4-3oz.  1) Do you know if this pairing would have a line slap issue?  2) I don't use the rod as a walking stick or reel under water, but the reel will get dunked often out on sandbars when taking on waves.  And I tend to get into some cows in the Spring. Are all of these reels capable of performing as needed? Thanks for all your great reviews.

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