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Looking for a baitrunner 6000 new style.


here is what I have to trade


1.) 704z Doug orkwiZ custom. 706 bailless kit, powder coat, shaved spool, power handle.


2.)baitrunner gold 4000, this size is to small to chunk hence the reason I am looking for bigger.


3.) 113h high speed loaded with 10 colors.


4.) super strike little neck popper new....

I am looking for a fair trade, not every single item.

option 1: Maybe the smaller baitrunner and the super strike.

option 2 the 704z and the super strike.


option 3: I can also maybe do 113h, superstrike and some cash.




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7 hours ago, FishNorthShore said:

Do you have more close up pics of the 704z

I have an offer if you are Interested I would rather trade with you for a baitrunner

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