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A guy and a girl are on their third date

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They haven't done anything more than kissing and the guy was getting a little bit desperate for action. So after a movie and some food he suggest they take a drive up the mountain to get a view of the city. (and some privacy before taking her home). Up there in the car they start kissing. He makes a move for her boobs.

She stops him and says "Tommy I don't know,I'm a little nervous about this. What will you think of me?".

Tommy says "don't worry Lucy,it's just a little harmless fun. I really like you and I respect you and want to experience more with you".

Lucy thinks about this and says "ok but we had alot to drink earlier,let me just take a pee in the bushes over there first".

Tommy agrees and waits patiently in the car. After a few minutes his horniness gets the better of him and he decides to sneak up on Lucy from behind and finds her squatting in the bushes. He decides to grab a handful of a$$ while she's down there but instead ends up gripping a long hanging dong.

"Jesus you're a man!!!!" He screams.

Lucy calmly says "no,I just decided to take a **** too"

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