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I got a tin boat with a 20hp outboard and 1 sometimes 2 batteries.  Is there a small low power 12v aerator that lasts?  Pump style might not last too long on the battery.   Wait n bait on anchor,  of drift mostly.  So, the 6 amp charger aint gonna be on much.  Worse comes to worse......  Outboard has pull cord and is easy to start.


This can be freshwater only.  Salt n galvanic potential do not mix for long.........


MY best option has been the cheapie frabil baby bubbles with 2 AA lasted awhile, and is still alive after cleaning rust off of battery connectors....


Seems they all die early, some just cost more..........

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This is great for me.

"Power Bubbles" 12V DC Air pump by Marine Metals.

Thata a doubled laundry basket.

Put a bag of ice between the two.

Keeps alwife alive all day in August. 


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The Marine Metals B15  " Power bubbles" pump  that Lateral Line suggested seems to be the standard. Lots of great reviews for it at Amazon and elsewhere . That said, I've used one of the Fabril portable  that runs on D cell batteries on and off for years. It really runs for a long time on a set of rechargeables.

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