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I am growing increasingly interested in rattles for striper flies.  I was perusing Bob Popovics instagram and he has a cool idea for how to tie in rattles:




I wonder if you all have recommendations on what kind of tube to use.  Can I just go to the hardware store and buy clear tubing?  Will it tie down like that?  Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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I've been itching to try this too over the winter.  I was thinking of tying the glass tube to thick mono or heat shrinking it to the hook bend.  Cool idea but interested to see how much it would impact action and buoyancy, might only work on large bucktail type of flies that have enough inherent motion

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HMH sells a wide variety of tubing.

You’d want a rigid tube to tie the rattle onto.


I like their poly tubes because then you don’t need to use junction tubing to hold the hook.


Hardware, hobby or aquarium supply stores can be good sources for tubing.




Disregard my post. Sorry I thought your intent was to tie rattles onto tubes for tube flies......

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