New Reg 28-35, Goodbye Records and Tourneys

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17 hours ago, Pistol Pete said:

July and August  is when NJ guys watch social media like hawks for anything that sounds like a good report up north in CT RI MA,  Jump in the truck 4-6 deep, and forget to pack any sort of etiquette or respect for local spots and anglers in a "by any means necessary" desperate search for a fish.... and I mean "by ANY means necessary" .  I have personally witnessed, and been on the receiving end of some of the most ridiculous f**kery you can imagine , courtesy of the yellow plates.    I stand by views...  my experiences would leave you speechless.   Are there fishermen in NJ that do things properly?  I'm sure...   But the ones that take the show on the road in desperation during the summer heat when their waters are too warm pull some rotten moves once they arrive.   My experiences have shaped my views... and there are plenty over the years. 

I completely agree with your observations. They are absolutely ruthless.  Gotta love it when they show up in neighborhoods with no public parking, park on peoples’ lawns, then have the audacity to threaten the homeowners when confronted, thus resulting in police getting involved and property owners at their wits end. And that’s just one out of a hundred stories that could be told in the last 7-8 years. 


The thing I take solace and find humor in is that they leave their home waters to chase reports up North when there’s fish in their backyard. 


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11 hours ago, CWitek said:

Tbe second fish that I'm talking about wouldn't be part of the Bonus Fish program, but instead part of the normal daily limit.


The Bonus Fish would still be fish #3.


I thought we were talking about "coastwide 1 at 35."


If so, I'm all for it.


If NJ finds a way to keep a bonus tag of 1 at 24"-27", I'm for that as well.


If they make a bonus tag of a second fish at the larger size (anything over 28"), then to me that is BS.

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