Is Vindman WB2 and is he “corroborating” info he originally gave to Ciamarella?

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First, does everyone realize that when Ciamerella was released from the WH (for cause) as the Ukraine expert on the NSC, he was replaced by Vindman? Interesting fact. Back to my point:


Recall the Steele Dossier and the attempted “corroboration” used by the Media and FBI to gin up its validity? 

Take the Dossier to Yahoo News and David Corn and get them to report its contents. Then bring to the FBI who then takes the planted Media reports, based on the Dossier itself, and use such reportage as evidence that the Dossier is legit.

Self-referencing corroboration. 


Anyone remember back to when the second hand nature of WB1 claim was publicized? Much was made of it being second hand and Zaid announced that he had WB2, whom Zaid, member of The Resistance and the lawyer for WB1, said he could bring forth? That WB2 was an actual participant in the call and was the source for WB1, recall that? 

What’s happened to WB2? He Zaid mentioned him lately? Or since the Dems said the WB is no longer important because they have “other corroboration”? Mentions of WB2 disappeared at that point, even before. 

What if WB2, the source for Ciamerella aka WB1, is actually Vindman? We are told by Dems, the Demedia and certain PGers, that Vindman is legit because he corroborates the claims of WB1, or vice versa. 

But what if this is no different than the Dossier where the source is leaked to a “reporter” (Yahoo News or WB1) and then the source (Dossier or Vindman) comes forward to “validate” the reportage or complaint?  

Or, more ominous, what if the original plan was for Vindman to be WB1 but the Dems wanted to borrow a page from Steele’s playbook and do the self-reinforcing corroboration scheme? 

Point is, what if there has been much more coordination between Schiff/staffers, Vindman and Ciamerella?   

Could that help explain why Vindman is reviewing his prior sworn deposition? 

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