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I just won on eBay a Penn 722 last night, wow its brand new.... for only $40! It was not correctly titled in the listing, only as "Penn reel in box"
See original price $19.77!
But it was not without some issues.....
I assembled the reel handle and spool, is was as if it never had been before,  totally unused!
The thing was gummed up badly, it had never been cranked, and it turned difficult.
I opened the side plate, the grease had gone to 'varnish', aged dark brown amber and was like tar. Its organic I think.
So I need to clean it.
Next prob...the anti-reverse was not free spooled both ways, the lever was not engaging the cog.
I totally broke down the reel, cleaned ALL grease out...and then tried to fix the cog.....was dumbfounded....for over an hour....
Then I checked the manual, its included with all diagrams. I can understood the order of assembly.
Then I realized what was wrong! The cog was on BACKWARDS. Most likely from the original factory assembly.
I flipped it, and SCORE! It works like a charm.
New grease...smooth as butter. The drag is impressive too with teflon!
Now I can only figure, someone bought it, its was malfunctioning, and never used...maybe a store return...left to sit 50 years.

penn 722e.jpg

penn 722c.jpg

penn 722a.jpg

penn 722b.jpg

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