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The new big eye  inline single hooks work just fine. Thing is when replacing trebles increase single hook 2 sizes bigger. They also don't work well with top water baits. So if you use a top water use a single treble in the middle/front, attach 2 split rings and crush barbs. 

Circle you have to customize as well. 1.) Snell all your hooks, 

2.) The knot of none snell hook will get in the way and prevent proper hook placenent.

3.)Hook size matters. 

4.) Match hook size to fish your going to catch. The gap has to bigger then the thickness of basses lip.

5.)Match the size of the hook to the bait your going to use. Balance size based on #4 and #5. 

6.) Make sure barb and hook point are always well exposed with room to move.

7.)Never set the hook. Let the fish hook themselves.  Hold the pole at 45° opposite of the way the fish is running. 

8.) If you think the fish us on the line and slowly running at you or you can't feel it. Slowly reel into the fish till it comes tight.


Hope this helps those who will be new to these type of fishing. Thankyou. Posted this in a thread in the main forum. Figured i start my own.



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