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On 11/6/2019 at 9:24 AM, Cpalms said:

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the recent changes is the commission's decision to mandated a gear change. As far as I know, that's the fist time that has happened. It shows some willingness on their part to actually use their brains and make a change.  Obviously snag and drop kills way to many released fish. It was an obvious choice. 


The goal of the slot, as I understand it, is to reduce mortality via reduction of effort. Banning treble hooks probably wouldn't reduce effort all that much (trebles are used predominantly by surf casters, they are going to fish regardless) and other methods certainly kill more fish and increase effort. 


Outlawing wire line or fishing from a boat while in gear would do a lot more.  The slot was pushed for by the for hire crews because they said catching a fish over 35" would be too difficult thus unhappy customers, death of the business, blah blah. The response should have been, "Ok you get the slot but no trolling" Trolling for striped bass is the easiest, most efficient, least sporting way to catch very large striped bass. Ban trolling and you actually have to fish for the fish you catch. Would be FAR easier to enforce and reduce effort more than banning trebles.


 Those wire line crews are are going to throw back so many half dead slobs next year.


This of course is all a pipe dream but an interesting discussion.

Ban trolling 100% 

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If you want more fish that live just do like I did cut back to only fishing two weekends a year. I catch maybe a dozen fish a year the release mortality rates are 10% that means I got 1.2 fish dead to my name. Plus one fish per trip each time for the plate that's three fish a year. Hear these stories about guys fishing an epic blitzes and catching 120 fish a day that's a dozen fish you killed minimum.

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