9’6 CTS Vapor trail 1-3oz

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Up for sale is a built CTS vapor trail 1-3oz but throws 1/2oz to 2oz with ease. It has been used for two seasons. It is an awesome rod. Super light and sensitive. Overall it is in very good condition. Local pick up only in King of Prussia, PA. Or I will be fishing North Jersey up until end of Nov. Asking $435


FUJI black reel seat

Reel seat starts at 17.5” and ends at 22”

FUJI kl-h to kt guides







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13 hours ago, Fishy4335 said:

How's the durability on this rod, can it be high sticked?

Rod is pretty durable and multi-functional. I can throw small sp minnows with easy and 2oz pencil poppers with no problem. I don't no if I would throw over 2.5oz with this rod. As far has high sticking I have never had an issue tightening up the drag and letting the rod do the work. Rod does have some power despite the light lure rating. I caught the fish in my profile picture on this rod.

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5 hours ago, pump79fs said:

Is this a 2 piece rod and is there any chance you would ship to 28166?

It is considered one piece. Due to the length I cannot ship. It had a slip joint (all cts rods are like this now in order to ship to US). This was glue together and the handle covers the joint.

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