Another D*ckhead Poacher busted in FL

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(CNN) -- A man in Florida could face up to a year in federal prison and a $50,000 fine after witnesses said they saw him kill an endangered smalltooth sawfish by removing the long, flat saw that gives the fish its name.

Chad Ponce pleaded guilty Friday to killing an endangered species.  Prosecutors said he was seen on a boat off Ponte Vedra last year using a power saw to remove the fish's rostrum -- a long, narrow tooth-lined extension of its head that resembles a saw.  Smalltooth sawfish use that saw to sense and attack prey. Without it, they can't survive.

NOAA says on its website that they are found only off the Florida coast. The smalltooth sawfish has been protected under the Endangered Species Act since 2003.

CNN has reached out to the public defender listed for Ponce but has not heard back.


Two clear points that validate this guy as a total D*CK...he is brazen enough to do this in clear sight of other anglers, and he can't afford an attorney.  Do the math folks... I hope this guy does time.

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Dang, that dude sucks and both of those images only support that idea. Hope he gets the highest penalty possible, as well as the removal of his commercial shrimping privileges....really would like to see him not be allowed to recreationally angle either. 

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one thing i learned at the canal this year...if there is virtually no or spotty enforcement and slap on the wrist type penalties, poachers will have no issue with taking whatever they want, whenever they want. and its getting worse. 


the worst of them dont give a **** about conservation and have no moral compass. i dont think there is really any answer. all you can do is slow them down. 

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