Correlation vs Causation - Dem Candidates and Gun Control Demands ?

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This observation must just be coincidence, right? I mean, causation can’t lead to correlation: 


Strongest gun control/confiscation arguments among Democratic candidates outside of the top-3:


Beto - withdrawn from race

Swalwell - withdrawn from race


Harris - fired all of NH field staff, money problems, focused on Iowa with candidacy on the edge


Booker - polling under 2% in the first two states, he has more money than Harris but not much more support.*



There are sorts of reason for failed or failing candidacies, but the two most strident gun confiscators, one who was once the new shiny thing for the Dems and Demedia, are out early. 




*Booker's RealClearPolitics polling averages are at 2.0 percent nationally, 1.8 percent in Iowa and 1.3 percent in New Hampshire. In South Carolina, where a majority-black primary electorate ought to give him an opportunity for a breakthrough, he’s doing a bit better, at 3.4 percent — but he’s in a poor sixth place, trailing Tom Steyer.

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