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A while back (a few yrs.), someone posted a steak tip marinade that had everything but the kitchen sink in it.

Many people raved about it and said it would be the only marinade they'd use.  I tried to find it with this "search"

but had no luck. 

Anybody remember this?

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No, don't remember the post you referred to but, I dry rub all steak, regardless of cut, in McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning.Same with burgers. .I add bottled Luger's steak sauce, on my steaks, obtainable at your refrigerated butcher supermarket space or, in place of Luger's, I use Veri Veri Terriyaki bottled sauce, which is delicious. Hope this helps. This Veri Veri sauce, BTW, is great brushed on most items for the grill.Chicken, included. 

  PS: IMO, if you choose a well-marbled steak at your supermarket, all you need is the above. I always hesitate to shop a "steak sale" when, what's offered, is not well-marbled, or labeled "Choice" which means not tender.  Also, referring to yesterday's meat market reviews, regarding what's NOT labeled "CHOICE", I no longer shop for meat at the supermarket near me for their steak specials if the steak packages only show USDA "GRADED", which means nothing, except that the steaks have been examined but not "graded". Most likely, then, they are "Select" grade which, in my previously unfortunate experience, including prime rib, not graded as "Prime" was tough, served to friends, embarrassed, and, as a result, I don't buy meat from this local supermarket. Look for the USDA Choice label on the package, buyer beware. 

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