Lost wallet at Demo

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8 hours ago, 914surf said:

Found! Not sure if I can lock or close down a thread 

Was it on the jetty or inside the car?


Only Mods can lock threads

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5 hours ago, 914surf said:

In the boot of my waders!

I've misplaced my hat and sunglasses down there a few times only to find them when I put them back on again..... I have a bad habit of stuffing things in my chest while fishing and when it comes to taking waders off I just forget about em.....

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19 hours ago, baldadonis2002 said:

Was it worth the scare... i.e. did you have any luck fishing?

Hardly worth it. Worst part was I realized it when I moved further down the island and came back to drive out to the jetty only to find the entry road closed because of flooding. Had to get home so I jogged out the 1.5 miles only to find nothing and run back into the wind. Legs are still sore...

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Funny you mention, parked one evening at a local SS beach parking lot...


I like to move aggressively down the beach in the dark to fish..


I easily walked a good 2 miles in the pitch black and saw a truck coming down the beach, it was state police heading toward the parking lot and upon seeing the car I INSTANTLY realized I forgot to put the night permit on the dash.


I hustled a top speed jog in boot foot waders and full gear the entire 2 miles, only to find no ticket on my window.


My watch read 1:15am and I debated to call it our go back and fish.... 


You know I went back and fished!!!!!



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