One single fishing map available?

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It is ridiculously difficult to navigate government websites for maps of what waters are legal to fish in.

It seems one must already know what areas are off limit in order to search IF it's off limits.

Makes me want to stab someone in the eye.


Is there such a thing as a single map for a large area? Lets say I want to see from Pacifica to Monterey, or even just Santa Cruz to Monterey, in order to see where I might want to explore. 

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Share on other sites's Inland Water/Regs interactive Map. Here pick a body of water on the map and click on it, the regs and seasons will be posted below. I use this map anytime visiting an inland water I am not familiar or have never fished before to find out the regs and seasons. Wish they had this for Ocean Waters!


This comes pretty close.Marine Protected Area's for Coastal Waters. Here Don't fish in any of these areas as you will be fined ($280 is the going rate without catching any fish) Some MPAs do allow the take of Fin Fish, so consult the regs.


Hope these help.


I do agree with you that CA's regs are a little out of control, hard to follow, and not easy for a new comer or out of state fisherman to easily figure out. Seems the DFG or is aimed more at restrictions than opportunities, but that is my opinion. My eyes were opened when I visited other states and read their 1 to 2 page regulations, easy to follow and understand for everyone, these states didn't have thick "Reg Books".  

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Thank you. That second link you provided, eventually (once you investigate each and every spot by name, to determine its general location) it provides a JPEG map which far more clearly delineates boundaries than prior maps i've seen. 


Methinks i should just sit down with an old school paper map of California, and spend a Saturday tracing out each "Area 51" to avoid. 

It'll help with general planning for day/weekend trips, when the urge to explore hits me. 


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This google map covers all MLPAs and can be added to "my maps" in Google Maps.


A unified map would be great, but I think for each of us it would be a personal project on paper (and it will eventually get out of date).

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