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2018 key largo 210 wa w/ 140hp suzuki opinions?

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I had a 2002 Key Largo 206 CC with a 150 2 stroke Mercury. At 4000 RPM (sweet spot for cruising) it would do 22 knots. Top speed I ever got outta her was 35 knots. As for mileage never accurately measured it but I'm thinking maybe 1.5 mpg. I had an 85 gallon gas tank and could do 3-4 trips before putting a hundred bucks worth of gas in it. If your Suzuki is a 4 stroke I'd expect better mileage. Keep a log with distance traveled and you should be able to figure it out. Plus, it all depends on the hull configuration, motor type, prop style, as well as your driving habits. As for price, 39k for a new boat? Sure thats a good deal, esp if it comes with electronics, etc. 

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Seems like a big boat for a 140hp, especially the Suzuki 140 which is know as being a weak 140hp, the boat is rated for 200hp. Key Largo is pretty low end brand as well, it will depreciate pretty hard the first couple years, might be better off getting a couple year old higher end used boat for the same money. 

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