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Has anyone had/heard of any success with blackfish from south shore piers?  I'm not looking for spots, just general thoughts/experience.  I have the day off tomorrow and was thinking of picking up some crabs and hitting some piers.  I'll probably focus on the the backside of the shore.  



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51 mins ago, baldadonis2002 said:

....... my hint would be "Shinny"

That would be a well known pier, behind Shiny Shlob project on Mastic road in Long Beach.


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Short story: Three south shore locations; zero blackfish.


Long story: 


First spot was a back bay pier at the last hour of the outgoing tide. Others also thought it had potential as there were plenty of cutoff crab legs on the pier.  I spent an hour working various sides of the pier with no luck.  Feeling bad about life, I moved to the front to hit the ocean for schoolies.  Had a productive few hours around the tide change--feeling marginally better about life, I headed out for my second tog spot.


For my second location, I hit a rock wall located on the back side of an inlet. Again, apparently a known spot as there were fisherpeople looking for blackfish.  Here I was dealing with a pretty strong incoming current and a 1oz jig.  I messed around for an hour or so with no luck.  My fellow hunters were also striking out, which oddly made me feel better. With the memory of my earlier schoolies starting to fade, I figured I should try one more spot before becoming completely despondent.


The third location is a very well-known spot all seasons, so much so that I was greeted by two DeCon officers upon my arrival.  Very nice gentlemen whom we should all support.  One even gave me a few additional tog spots to check out.  Once rigged up, I spent an hour dealing with a strong current and sticky bottom.  After a few lost rigs, I gave my remaining crabs away and headed home.


Although discouraging, I will not give up.  Armed with the DEC officer's recommendations, I will find another day to skip work and get back at it.

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