West Marine should be Wait Marine.

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Over the years I have bought a few things like life jackets and flares from West Marine in Lodi, NJ. I just bought a trolling motor and needed wire, marine grade split loom, cable hangers, and a 50 amp circuit breaker. They did not have any of it in the store. They had some wire gages but not enough of the size I needed. I went home and ordered it from them online and all items were stated as in stock online. It took them 2 days to process my order and I got a notification that they are sending out just the circuit breaker. Delivery will be approximately Oct. 25. I got another notification that the rest was shipping out today. UPS tracking kicked back nothing and it probably won’t show anything until Monday morning.


When the hell did they get so bad at this? First off, these items are common and should be in the store and taking so long to process an order and use such slow shipping is not ok. Someone needs to tell the executives there that it is 2019 not 1986.


It’s no wonder Amazon is eating their lunch..........


If anyone that works there reads this, please tell the executives at the company what year it is. 





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Im not angry, just frustrated that I have a new toy and can’t use it.......but I remember WM being a great company. They need to lure some of the corporate management away from companies like Amazon if they plan to stay in business or they are going to go the route of Boaters World. 

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I went to buy a Simrad 12 inch chart plotter with 4G  radar package from them waited 3 months and still no answer . Got the same package in a week from another supplier . West marine let 5k dollars walk away on that one .

Went to buy boat seats this year same thing ordered in May they told me mid July i Might see them . I got them from the manufacturer with covers and slides for the bottom of the seat $80 cheaper and faster .

That was $800 they let walk away .

If they don't have it on a shelf its a waste of time with them . 

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