Naples FL report oct. 15th.

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Since the dead fish where stacked yesterday on the northern side of the beach where I was located I figured to go south today.

Clarity of the water reasonable for low tide and snook present.

The first fish that I caught was a beach snook, small but a good start.

At the pier I talked to a fellow flyfisherman from Rhode Island who wanted to know what flies I used for  the snook, I gave him one of the ep minnows and went further on south.

Before the Port Royal beach club I had snook nr. 2,  nice fish that jumped a lot.

Water got clearer at the end as the tide came in, snook numbers limited.

To reach the last section of beach I had to wade past the seawall of one of the big mansions. There used to be a stretch of beach there but erosion and a hurricane had flushed it away.

Almost drowned there two years ago so I was carefull.

The last section of beach was void of beachwalkers because those folks in general do not wade.

Snook where present and I hooked a nice one but after a few minutes the line went slack and fish and fly where gone. Used 25 lbs shock tippet so maybe 30 lbs is better.

Could not hook anymore snook but had ladyfish and small jacks grabbing the fly. With the high tide and the wakes of the boating traffic not very usefull for sightfishing for snook I tracked back to Central ave.

Almost no snook on the beach in the afternoon. Had some ladyfish at the pilings along the way and that was it.

The weather was sunny all day with just a few clouds midday, the seabreeze kept the clouds inland.

Conditions where a huge improvement over yesterday and glad I had regained some of my snook mojo.





















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i use 30lb and 35 lb knowing I’m targeting Snook . And always re- tye a catch , the leader always has chafing  been there done that . Right now pretty big Jacks and Mc’s are present so you just never know , then there are Lady fish destroying the leader . BFD and I would correspond many x’s about it . 

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It,s all done now for me.

Leaving today.


Have not been out yesterday as I suddenly felt a pain in my leftbrain leg and hardly could walk.

That pain is gone now but I sincerely hope it does not return.


Flight back takes two days as I leave late from Atlanta and arrive in Amsterdam the next day.

Should be fit enough next Saturday to fish the mill pool in Germany for the last time this year as trout season closes.


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