Naples FL report oct. 14th.

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When I walked up to the beach this morning I wondered what all the gulls where doing out on the Gulf.

Then I spotted a lot of white objects bobbing on the water, dead mullet ... hundreds of them.

The water had poor visibility, a brownish hue most likely red tide.

Spotted no bait untill I came to the park, also some sheepshead moving about.

Past the park I had a snook hit on the ep minnow but lost fly and fish because I was too slow with giving out line to that bolting fish.

A while later I had a shot at another snook and hooked it, I was a out to beach the fish when the hook came out. When I retrieved the fly to my surprise the hookpoint had cleanly broken off, it was an out of the box ep minnow ... should have tied them myselves.

The beach at the end was packed with people and snook plus bait where not present like at my good snook day.

Had a few following fish but no hookups. The water was littered with dead mullet and the gulls where having a field day. Hard for me to understand that people go sunbathing amidst decaying fish in 90F heat, it stank.

As the beach would not cut it for me I fished the inlet and got a few mackerel, small jacks and snappers at the end of the outgoing.

Past sunset the snook had their crazy 15 minutes but at the inside of the jetty, not where I was at.

When I finally realized I was in the wrong place the action had died.

At least I ended the day with a seatrout.

I could have fished on at the outside part of the jetty but some shady characters turned up so I left.

I do not trust people who roam around jetties at night without fishing gear.

I think it is about time that somebody starts to act on this red tide thing because I have the impression that the authorities are sticking their heads in the sand. This place depends in tourism and brown water and dead fish is not exactly and advertisement to come here.


















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That mutant spanish mackerel is interesting, surprised it survived this long with its mouth like that. Shows you how resistant fish can be.

Seems the Red tide is localized and sporadic, the beach was clear yesterday where I work, just a few miles north of there. 

If you’re  free early Thursday morning ( I think you said you’re  here till 17th) my offer to take you backcountry tarpon fishing still stands. Should be able to get lots of hookups.

I think I speak for lots of people when I say we appreciate you taking the time to write your reports !


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Have been to Gordon pass today and the water was ok, not even one dead mullet spotted.

The 17th. is my departure day so no tarpon fishing for me.

I will try to stay longer next year.

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