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52 mins ago, Terry Mac said:

just sell in the BST for $235.00 and call it the day. 

members are trying to talk the owners friend into a good deed


                                      your too late

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1 hour ago, Captain Ahab said:

What happened to the spool? And the rod?


Sounds fishy to find something like that in surf

I think jimmy z theory sounds about right...:eek:

The drag adjustment knob may have fallen off, and so went the spool

15 hours ago, jimmy z said:

Maybe his wife was angry at him and threw it in the drink. :howdy:

Or may the wife scattered the body parts all around like some kind of serial killer....:shock:

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So  I spoke to my friend and convinced him to contact VS to see if it was ever registered.  He also said that the spool was on the reel when he found it, but it had seen more damage than the other external pats of the reel and it would not be usable.  Apparently the reel spins fine, just kinda geary according to him.

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19 mins ago, PoppinBottles19 said:

Yea the flyer spins fine.  When I turn the handle it feels pretty geary but no problem spinning it at all.

That is wild, It kept the water out for who knows how long. It's odd the spool is missing, yet the drag knob is there.


It appears it was attached to a pole, that the reel seat got eaten away.


That's a USA reel. If no one registered it in there name; You have to send that in to Oklahoma to keep up its life time warranty. Just tell them it's been lying on the floor of the ocean all these years. They might give you a new reel.


In that case give your buddy his $75...  ;)

Lou T

Edited by Lou T

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