true story today .

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a guy comes in to the store and pulls out his led flashlight he bought 9 months ago and asks if there is a warranty. through the manufacturer , not us I say.

he turns it on and after 2 seconds it shuts off.     did you change the batteries ?    what battery ?   um the two aa batteries . unscrew the cap , take them out and put 2 new ones in. works fine.

I offer him the batteries for free just because I felt bad for the guy and he aint much older then me.

he then says, no, I don't want it and I want my money back.     huh?  he thought it didn't have batteries and it would work forever.   sorry. I cant do that. theres nothing wrong with it and you have had it for 9 months.

gets an attitude,slams it to the ground, and says, its broke, I want my money back.  once again I say sorry , its not happening.   its broken. it doesn't work , if you wont give me my money , I will call your corporate office

and complain. this whole time he is on closed circuit tv being viewed by my corporate office as I am the only one in the building right now and we do that for security reason.   he then says go ***k yourself and I will tell all my

friends not to come here.

some people just don't get it.

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Should have told him the nuclear powered one was due to be released to the public next week and only Home Depot carries them .... but they will honor his flashlight and upgrade him for free.

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4 mins ago, coolhandfluke said:

yeah, I am the greeter...………...:howdy:

Sorry about all the times I give you the finger when I walk in.

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