Naples FL report oct. 10th.

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The whole beach snook thing did not go my way since my arrival here in Naples but today that changed.

The water had cleared and there was a lot of bait in the wash. Entered the beach at high tide near the park and immediately ran into snook.

Some of them chased the fly and by late afternoon I had landed three snook. A lot of following fish this time and a few missed takes.

Late in the afternoon the cloud cover made it impossible for me to spot the fish so I had lunch at the park.

When I came back on the beach it was low tide and rain was falling to the south of me. The wind also had increased. Could not get any bites near the rocks and fished the inlet at dead tide catching three snappers and a jack when the tide ran in again.

After sunset the snook went beserk like clockwork but again no hits.

I wondered where all those snook went after the feeding frenzy. The moon was already out but I had to get another snook. I climbed on the jetty and found the snook busting bait in front of the inlet. Got two before I called it quits, learned something new again. A great day.























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Darn ... they spotted me :-)

No signs of red tide except for the sign at the entrance of Lowdermilk park. It was bad in the beginning of my stay but so far I have not seen dead mullet floating around.

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14 mins ago, Marcel_Karssies said:

Would have been no bother at all unless you scare the snook :-)

I was scaring them away that day. Then one scared me, I was daydreaming and  almost had the rod pulled out of my hands. Got a Snook, jack and blue runner this morning north of there.

How much longer you in town ? You should join me for some Juvi tarpon fun early morning in the backcountry.

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